From the beginning…

Seafood Travel Construction (STC company) was set up in 2015 in the knowledge that Vietnamese seafood though among the top richest sources still has not made its name popularly known for the variety and quality to consumers worldwide.

We understand the shortest way to get Vietnamese seafood to the top ranks of the world is through the connection of various strengths from individual, capable producers by international standards and strictest control on quality and sustainability. On top of that is the commitment to more and more professional services so that customers from any corner of the world could put their trust into each order they place.

Up to now and future

After the years of driving Seafood Travel Construction in that direction, we are now proud that STC company has been gradually gaining its name as a top prestige distributor in Vietnam

Vision: STC company strives to be the most prestigious distributor of frozen seafood in Vietnam in terms of quality, delivery time and professional service.

Mission: We secure each consumer’s family member’s health and set their mind at rest by bringing in true quality seafood products under our brand name STC company.

Core values: Professional – Conscientious – Responsible


Regarding Raw material. We have many good Raw material in big area from Tra vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, etc with good quality and stable supplies.

Regarding Supply Capacity. We have big capacity can do same time for many customers and follow long term schedule from many clients.

Regarding Financial, We have strong capital as well as cash from Seafood, Travel and Construction business.


Facing global competition in seafood industry, seafood products are losing quality, original nutrition value and flavor due to the use of additives to reduce cost. We can see that we must do something different:

  • To become high quality and most reliable frozen seafood distributor in Viet Nam for supermarkets and importers in the world where requirements on quality, health safety and good products are put in first priority.
  • To closely supervise with reliable QA and Qc to make sure that products must be made with responsibility, processed, kept in good conditions and sold with most competitive price.
  • To provide highest sustainabilitytoward quality, product specification and delivery time for partners to have a reliable supply chain for business development.
  • To meet all requirements for different specifications, new products, new consuming trend and every single demand of each market.


Besides the mission to create a professional working environment to encourage creations of our staff, we keep on focusing on behavior development for the whole seafood supply chain:

  • Responsible to farmers: Our factories must commit that they will not force farmers to sell them materials with cheap price; farmers should have income enough to take care of their children and to continue to invest in seafood supply. Thanks to that, we gradually contribute to social and public responsibility.
  • Responsible to client: We always put ourselves in partners’position to understand that we must do an honest and serious business for the long time business relationship. STC company is willing to cooperate and share with reliable customers in touch situation to make sure that our partners will have products they need with most reasonable price.
  • Responsible with consumers:The priority of doing business is to have benefits by making life better. We keep on trying our best for consumers to have nice and fresh meal by making sure that they will receive delicious and high quality products good for their health.